Thursday, February 8, 2007

Curry Speaks!

Let me jump in and post late-breaking style.

The Daily News and the Star-Ledger are reporting some interesting words of one Eddy Curry (via's Rumor Central).

So Eddy, what's up?

Asked if he'd be surprised if Garden chairman James Dolan fires Thomas, Curry said, "Yeah, I'll be shocked. I'll be pissed. I'll be trying to get out of here."
Out of here?
"Definitely. I'd be on my way out."
Gives us some interesting stuff to think about. Is that a threat or a promise? Mainly, I'm left with this question: why can you say "pissed" in the Daily News but not in the Star-Ledger?

Curry favors his boss [NY Daily News]
Curry: I'm out if Isiah is fired [Newark Star-Ledger]


Capacious D said...

Mr. Fo, my question is that if Isiah/Eddy leave, can we get our draft picks back? No? Oh, well, that sucks.

Anonymous said...

Great blog... but take a step back for a second. This team is about to get hot -- You sure you want to plant your feet so firmly on the other side of the fence? Fantanking is for Celts fans. We've got an extra orange headband for you, in case you change your mind...

G-Fo said...

Anon - Trust me, it's not a decision reached lightly, or without the attendant guilt and paranoia. But I'm trying to take the long view. What good is getting a fire lit and sneaking into the playoffs now? Just so Isiah and the current mess get to hang around another couple of seasons? I gotta take the long view. Isiah and Dolan are bad for the team, period.

Capacious D said...

Look, I'm not sure what you mean, Anon, by "about to get hot." Are we talking "flirting with .500" or winning the division outright? Oh, wait! We only need to be around .500 to win the division. In other words, success in the standings is more or less meaningless in what's probably the worst division in the NBA in the last couple of decades.
My take is the bar should be set a bit higher (i.e. let's get a GM who won't throw max contracts at Jerome James).

Anonymous said...

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