Monday, March 12, 2007

Put Your Feet Up, Zeke, Stay Awhile

As we all now know, the 29-34 Knicks, who've spent one day in 8th place, have given Isiah Thomas a "multiyear" extension, the details of which are still under wraps. This means that the team has evidently shown the "significant progress" Dolan was looking for when he gave Thomas his ultimatum before the season.

Here's what Dolan said in December while Zeke's status was still up in the air officially, but hints abounded that Isiah would be staying:

You also have to take into account what the alternative is. Because if what you’re saying is that we haven’t made enough progress and that’s really true, then what you’re saying is that we have to restart again. That would essentially mean blowing up this organization in terms of who’s working here, bringing in a new philosophy of play with a new coach. That’s pretty drastic.
Pretty drastic indeed. If we haven't made progress, then oh my God it'll be sooo much work to, you know, fix it and everything. All that hiring a new coach, figuring out how to build a decent team with a future, making moves, what an effing drag, dude. Why don't we just extend Zeke's contract and hope for the best? I mean, fuck it, right? Okay, it's settled.


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